Oh my goodness!

I only have two more weeks at this daycare, and then I start my other daycare work. I am so excited!

I know that I will have a single class, with eight children only. The noise level will go down considerably. I get to do the activities that I chose with my children when I want to do them without asking the other classes to no interrupt or their ideas. I get to overplan everyday, just because I feel like it. I get to have circle time all alone, singing without everyone  listening all the time. I get to clean my class a certain way, and have it stay clean.

Two more weeks here. I love the children here, and I love working with my two co-workers… but I really can’t wait to get out of here.

I think it is like that for everyone, when you know that you will be leaving, you can’t wait to do it and you just want to change that page right away.


I had several interviews for a new job. Basically I had to turn a few down on the basis of their structure, their interview skills, distance,.  And I got two job offers which I said yes to.

The first one was at a CPE. The interview itself was dynamic and creative. The staff there was so very nice and welcoming. It started with a group interview where they asked us to choose topics out of a bowl and discuss them. They asked us to choose some toys from the class and say why it appealed to us or not. We were three doing the interview at the same time. I loved every minute of it. I like seeing who we are up against. I am competitive by nature and like to take charge, so I owned that job from the get-go.

They called me for my second interview two days later and got the job right away.

The second job I said yes to starts in August. I would be general director in a private daycare. I would have to answer to the owners only. I did not like the interview nor did I like the women interviewing me. BUT, it is better pay and a promotion… or should I say, a different job function completely.

However, I told them to call me back in August to see if I am enjoying myself in this CPE and if I don’t really mind leaving, I will go with them… but I honestly think that I will keep being an educator. I like working with children much more than if I was working with adults. If children misbehave, its normal… if educators misbehave, its retarded and subordinate.

I would much rather teach children now than discipline adults later.

So there. Starting work in two weeks, Lee-Lee is changing daycare too. On with the new and exciting life! 

Now if only my hubby could find a better job!! he would be as excited and happy as me!

OK, logging off now. Have a great day sweet readers!




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