Lover’s vacation 2013

Alrighty, it has been a very long time since I wrote a blog. Or anything for that matter. But I am sincerely ecstatic to tell y’all that I am leaving for the states in a few days!!  yes yes. I am going on a beautiful trip with my husband.  

We are going to visit six different cities, stating with Lost river, Orleans, Provincetown, Boston, Malden, Salem.

I have been to these cities before, but now, I am embarking on a seriously enticing wonderful trip with my husband… without our three kids.

A kid-less trip. oh ya!!!!!

Plus, my husband is completely able with directions, so I feel safe knowing he will get us there and he loves driving, and we get along so much! I think this trip will be refreshing.

I will re-blog with info and pictures!  


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