Happiness within..

Forgive me father for I have sinned, it has been forever since my last blog!

I got lost in my life. Couldn’t find my way back to my WordPress page, but I seem cured today. So here goes;

It is in the middle of January already. I am always, always, always busy. I work full time and come home late. I have three wonderful children at home waiting for me when I am done work. I have my hubby who is always there for me. I have meetings for my work, and Administration council meeting. My daughters go to scouts, cadets, doctors, eye doctors, Clsc, hospital, sleepovers, camp, horseback riding, and I am now not only a mom, but a professional planner for all these activities. Of course I double book sometimes, and I run from one place to the other because I always seem to forget that there is always travel time between activities. I still paint. More and more I should say. I even have special requests that I am working on, and my own personal special collection of freaky paintings I want for my house. Between al this, I still find the time to paint my nails every second day and watch some series on the telly.

I am not saying I am superwoman…. but no one has ever really seen me in the same room and the same time as superwoman… so that is enough to leave a doubt in your mind.

But while I am living this busy life, I forget to say how much I enjoy it though. Married life suits me. I am totally loving this whole relationship. My husband is going to HEC Montréal to get a diploma in business management, and I also decided to do something for myself. (Career wise I am good, and don’t really want to change anything). So I took up Choir. OH my goodness. I was so happy when I came back from my last practice. I absolutely fell in love with the choir ladies. We are singing some songs for a contest next month. And We are choosing Beatles songs!! I love it. No more church choirs for me. (Technically we practice in a church basement, but they are not related). So I am taking every Monday nights off to myself. Wow!

As a new year resolution this year, I decided to take care of my health. I am already seeing doctors, I found a doctor that will follow me, I have reduced all my medication, will be losing weight, changed the family’s diet, no more munchies at night (except for sunflower seeds which don’t make you gain weight) and no wine except for occasions. (And that goes for all alcohol too… From Laura Secord chocolate alcohol to Porto)…

I also decided to get involved in stuff… hence the Choir… and also I will continue hosting parties at my home… did I mention I have a really nice home… I have a big 9 1/2 home. Everyone has their own room and we have a big laundry room and work room. I love it! I don’t ever want to move from here. Unless it is to buy my own house… which I am not ready to do yet in my life.

Anyways, I must say, life is treating me kindly. Everything is where it is supposed to be. All the negative is finally out and all that is left is happiness and love. I keep my distance from energy vampires and stay close to people who are positive. I cleaned out my social network and my home. I love it.

Anyways, life awaits, gotta take care of my baby.

I will surely write soon. Well at least sooner than the gap from my last blog.




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