literature vs redheadrox

I am a big reader. In fact, I am a speed reader and I have a wide variety of interests. I can sometimes read from two to three books in a week. The fact is, I don’t really sleep much, and it keeps me occupied while I wait for the sandman to finally make an appearance in my humble home.
I have been an even worst sleeper lately… but the problem is, my mind is already going a million miles an hour and so I can’t even concentrate on my books, nor can I continue my paintings.
Nonetheless, a few days ago, I managed to finish a wonderful novel by a quebec writer called ‘Sophie Bérubé’. She wrote ‘Sans Antécédents’ Throughout the whole novel, I kept thinking, holy shit, this writer knows me and my past. She has found out my past and is writing it to the world.
The main character’s name is Roxanne, she had a very fucked up relationship with a narcisistic prickwho ends up trying to destroy her by trying to make everyone think she is crazy while all the time, he is fucking with her mind.
During the reading of this novel I wnt through all the emotions possible… from anger, to wonder, to sadness to happiness.
And that is what it’s all about. That is why I read. It keeps me full of emotions about things that are not personal so that I can concentrate on the non-emotional things in my real life.
I think it took me three days to come down from my high from reading this book. I almost had to go to therapy to deal with the grief of this novel being finished. And since then,… nothing. Not one book. I can’T read a single book. I don’t think it is because none match it, but I think it is because I don’T feel like going through all the emotions.
But now that means I am not reading… which makes it real hard to fall asleep… don’t you think? `
Every night I am sleepless in Montreal, and basically, just listening to hubby dear snore for a while before I can give into the night and finally fall asleep.
On this note, Let me get back to listening to him lull me to sleep with a snoring song.. The song that reminds me how lucky I am to have him by my side every night of my life.


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