My baby almost died

She is only thirteen this baby. I gave birth to her and welcomed her into my life as she was soooo loved and expected. A little angel was born that day, and I fell in love. Since then, we spend almost everyday together. She grew into such a beautiful young lady. She is calm, and funny, and has close friends. She can be so very nice, and sometimes so coniving to her sisters. She takes good care of them. She loves horses but only has a puppy. She is an artist, she can draw really well and she sings like an angel. She has a real ear for music and learns instruments very easily.
And… she almost died.
She is pale. always so pale, but being a redhead, even more so. She has been complainng about stomach cramps. Of course, first train of thought, of course she is at that age when you fall in womanhood, it is normal to get cramps. She got them often, but then again, at what age do you become regular? when do the cramps settle?
But then, on that thursday, she became nauseous. In the evening, she threw up everuthing she had managed to eat that day. And more. We figured that she had a gastro. So we cleaned and disinfected. Got her sisters and the dog to stay away, made some fort out of her room so the herms wouldn’T travel. Then friday and saturday comes, still no sign of imminent health. She was still throwing up, but had nothing left to throw up. Her explusion was much more than her intake.
I saw it, it wasn’T bile, nor food, it was clearly puss. She was not sleeping anymore. She was in too much pain.
On sunday morning, I brought her to the emergency room. They checked her out and sent her home saying that the gastros were tough this year, she had just gotten it bad, but it would go away soon.
So we went home and she continued emptying herself in our toilet/bowls. Poor baby! She threw up what seemed like puss all day and her breath started smelling like poo. Real poo. We got real scared and went back to the emergency room. This time, with some insistence, they really checked her out. She spent the night in a bed where she continued to throw up, but was hooked on IV for rehydration. In the morning, she went to get an ultrasound. That is where they saw it, her appendix had burst.
My baby’s appendix had burst and was slowly poisoning her body. And she was expulsing puss and smelled like poopoo because some of it had escaped into her body.
They put her on a 2nd degree emegency surgery list. She was supposed to go into surgery in 30 minutes, but ended up going on monday night at 1 am.
She was so nervous, and sick. She was not allowed to drink because she was going to be tubed in and be put to sleep.
A few hours later, I was able to go to the wake-up room to check on her. She was so feeble, so drugged, so skinny and weak. So much pain in her eyes. All those machines hooked up to her. Something no mother ever wants to see.
We got a room in the hospital for her. A four-patient room. She had three room mates with her. And they were loud. Again, Kayla was unable to sleep and rest after being sick for so many days and having surgery. Nurses kept looking in on her, goving her morphone, gravol, and antibiotics. I moved into the room too. Staying awake beside her for so long. I couldn’T sleep and totally underate for the week. She stayed there until sunday. She was a wek in the hospital. So close to dying. I cried so much. She was depressed, she was grumpy and fussy. Drugged and delirious. She was rough on her family and all the nurses.
But I never was so scared in my life. I never was so scared to lose someone I loved. She is home now. Her fever dropped. She is now on oral antibiotics, pain meds, and tylenol. She is being a pro about this. She is taking her meds and is getting better every day. She walks and talks, she has pain but got out of her funk. The best thing that happened to her was to go home after all those days. I wasn’T recognising her anymore over there in the hospital. But now she is back to normal. SHe is making music, singing, playing with her computer, playing Wii, and started eating again.
My baby is back! And I am so thankful. It came too close. Thank goodness we put pressure, thank goodness we went back, because at the rate she was poisonning herself, she would have been dead a long time ago, and I would have lost my baby.
It was a really hard week. The kind of week I wouldnt want for anybody. The kind of week that makes you put things in perspective knowing that the small things in life are exactly that: small, and that we should only care about the important things, love, family, health.


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