About me

Mother of three little girls.. I am a wiccan. I stick to my wiccan values and reed. I am also borderline. I have this blog to share bits of my life experiences and thoughts with my faithful readers. I usually write when I don’T feel good, and also write when an idea pops in my head any time of day. I always carry a pen and pad with me to write ideas down so I can write about them. To me, this blog is like some sort of therapy. I write and then will have no recollection of what I write about. People often ask me when I will blog, and tell me I should blog daily… but I can’T seem to do that since the writing has to come when I am inspired.

I also write the way I think and feel. I rarely do any spell check on the blog. I write invented words to portray my ideas. I call it raw writing. to get a creud insight of my inner thoughts and feelings, tune in to the blog, I am sure you will be able to relate to at least one of them.

🙂 have a good read!


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