Lover’s vacation 2013

Alrighty, it has been a very long time since I wrote a blog. Or anything for that matter. But I am sincerely ecstatic to tell y’all that I am leaving for the states in a few days!!  yes yes. I am going on a beautiful trip with my husband.  

We are going to visit six different cities, stating with Lost river, Orleans, Provincetown, Boston, Malden, Salem.

I have been to these cities before, but now, I am embarking on a seriously enticing wonderful trip with my husband… without our three kids.

A kid-less trip. oh ya!!!!!

Plus, my husband is completely able with directions, so I feel safe knowing he will get us there and he loves driving, and we get along so much! I think this trip will be refreshing.

I will re-blog with info and pictures!  



Oh my goodness!

I only have two more weeks at this daycare, and then I start my other daycare work. I am so excited!

I know that I will have a single class, with eight children only. The noise level will go down considerably. I get to do the activities that I chose with my children when I want to do them without asking the other classes to no interrupt or their ideas. I get to overplan everyday, just because I feel like it. I get to have circle time all alone, singing without everyone  listening all the time. I get to clean my class a certain way, and have it stay clean.

Two more weeks here. I love the children here, and I love working with my two co-workers… but I really can’t wait to get out of here.

I think it is like that for everyone, when you know that you will be leaving, you can’t wait to do it and you just want to change that page right away.


I had several interviews for a new job. Basically I had to turn a few down on the basis of their structure, their interview skills, distance,.  And I got two job offers which I said yes to.

The first one was at a CPE. The interview itself was dynamic and creative. The staff there was so very nice and welcoming. It started with a group interview where they asked us to choose topics out of a bowl and discuss them. They asked us to choose some toys from the class and say why it appealed to us or not. We were three doing the interview at the same time. I loved every minute of it. I like seeing who we are up against. I am competitive by nature and like to take charge, so I owned that job from the get-go.

They called me for my second interview two days later and got the job right away.

The second job I said yes to starts in August. I would be general director in a private daycare. I would have to answer to the owners only. I did not like the interview nor did I like the women interviewing me. BUT, it is better pay and a promotion… or should I say, a different job function completely.

However, I told them to call me back in August to see if I am enjoying myself in this CPE and if I don’t really mind leaving, I will go with them… but I honestly think that I will keep being an educator. I like working with children much more than if I was working with adults. If children misbehave, its normal… if educators misbehave, its retarded and subordinate.

I would much rather teach children now than discipline adults later.

So there. Starting work in two weeks, Lee-Lee is changing daycare too. On with the new and exciting life! 

Now if only my hubby could find a better job!! he would be as excited and happy as me!

OK, logging off now. Have a great day sweet readers!





It felt good to vent in my last blog, and I thank you all for the private messages that you sent me encouraging me and relating to me.

Often, when I get too emotional, I really need to explode on paper/computer rather than exploding in real life. I lets me download my issues online rather than do it to a person in particular, and then say things all wrong.

It gives me the chance to write all my thought in any way, and then I can focus on the things that are most important and discuss them in an organised fashion.

I thank you so much, blog followers and visitors, and I know I can sound super scary when I unleash all my anger in a blog, but in reality, I am a rather calm person.

I have to be for the job I do. I am very patient with the children I work with. I often am jovial and love to make people laugh.

I like organisation and when things are clear. And when they aren’t, I clarify them and organise them myself. I don’t usually give up and go.

Anyways, I gotta go back to work soon, but again, thank you for reading me regularly, your support is well appreciated!

Choices, choices, always choices.

One of my pet peeves: People whining about their f*cking life over and over again like some g*ddamn toddler who doesn’t get what they want.


Let me tell you something, and listen closely, because I (hopefully) will only have to say this once: If you don’t like it…. change it!

Don’T like your hair, cut it.

Don’T like your car, change it.

Don’T like your g*ddamn boss/job, change f*cken job.

Quit your whining and annoying. Grow some balls, and for once, make a decision to change.

I am so sick of hear people say, ‘oh no! I have to do this, I have to do that….’  blahblahblah.

In life you have choices. You choose to work, or not. You choose to work where you do, you choose to invest yourself a certain amount in everything you do. You choose what to wear, eat, drink, when to sleep, what to watch…

No more, I hate my job because I had to do this and that… F*uck!! QUIT AND START OVER SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

Stop being a victim of your life. Stop being bullied into your life. STOP!

And also, on a more personal note, when you get to be the boss of somewhere and you decide to hire fucked up people and don’t get rid of them, which causes more people to quit and then you are stuck overworking at this job and then you fall asleep everywhere and can’t seem to make the right decisions about anything anymore. You are putting all the important people and things aside in your life, well…. too bad. And when and if the people you are hurting by stupid choices also decide to grow balls at some point in your life, then you will be all f*cken by yourself, and all your stupid decisions will only affect you and your stupidity.

And the wheels keep on turning.

OK. That is that.

I am in a raging mood, and I made the conscious choice not to fight with anyone, and be mellow, therefor, I get to go vent on a blog rather than rip off the face of certain people I know.

So I am venting here, as you see. And maybe (hopefully) that will satisfy my pms-ing/angry/sarcast-a-bitch mood.. If not, blood might be shed.. and tears too. 

Uh oh! It is that time…

How did this happen, Last time I checked, I had three babies, but my daughter just graduated from grade school. WHAT??? How old am I anyways. I went shopping for a mini prom dress with her, she wanted heels, I said no way.

When did she grow so much.

The attitude is already starting, preparing me for the teenage years to come.

I feel bad to give her time out, she is almost as tall as I am. I think she knows this, she is very sneaky and often gets away with it.

Her school is crazy too… they plan dances and proms, and parties in the gymnasium until 10 pm… Euhh.. my daughter is 11 years old. She, until last month, used to go to bed (and fall asleep) at seven. And now we bust the curfew because school plans very late stuff.

Maybe this is normal. Maybe I am just not good at this parenting stuff.. but this teenage rebellion/sneakiness came to me as a surprise. Hit me right on the butt while I was bending down picking up her…..bra!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its official, I am old, my daughter is a young woman, and I just want to hibernate until the whole teenage saga end (but that means I would have to miss my other daughter’s childhood)… Oh Boy.

The chronicles of WTF parenting…

It is 9 o’clock on a Tuesday night. All is calm in the Roxaliscious household. Three children are fast asleep… or are they?…

One child suddenly creaks the door open and claims…. oh my god! I have to go!!!… The only good response to that is: ‘Go!’

She sits on the toilet bowl, but after a few seconds, she claims that she can’t go. ‘It’ is too big. I try to encourage her… Push sweety, it will hurt but once its out, you will feel better. She refuses to go but is seemingly stuck in the sitting position on the toilet bowl. My mommy reaction goes two sided… one: Poor poochie baby! I wish I could help… second… WTF will parents hear in a lifetime.

I ask her how I can help. She claims that I must leave the bathroom door open so she can see herself in the mirror from across the hall. O…k….!?! But I want to ease her pain, so I oblige.

She then asks me to sit next to her on the tub while she forces silly on the toilet bowl. Again.. ackwardness X100 considering she is supposed to be doing something very private.

I sit next to her, being very careful not to touch her. She is in pain, but wont push, but has to go badly.

After a while (ten full minutes of crying/pushing/failing) I suggest a glycerine suppositories. She accepts (which totally astounds me considering I would run away from home if someone asked me that.

So I put on the latex glove I own, and slide the thingy in. Contrary to what I think, she actually enjoys it.. Saying it didn’t hurt and felt funny. She asks for a second one…!

I refuse to indulge in her wish to OD from glycerine inserts and tell her to wait it out.

After waiting the regular allotted time for the suppositories to work, I ask her to try again. She suddenly does have to go.

It is getting late. My Smallville episode is still on pause, My husband on the couch catching climpses of this crazy situation.

I ask her just to try,.

My poor sweetheart pushes so hard. I felt bad for her, I know she is trying so hard, but it is stuck. Then she asks the inevitable: ‘Mommy, can you pull it out?’

EURK! ‘ok lets try’ I am unable to stand looking at her struggle.

So I put on more latex gloves and ask her to spread he legs and put her head down/bum up.

I proceed to removing ‘it’ from her bum, as I would a baby if I were a OBGYN. She screams, I am horrified.

Afterwards, she wipes and washes her hands so that she can go to bed. She acts as nothing was wrong with the whole scene.

I return to the couch feeling like : WTF just happened. 30 minutes of poopoo talk/removal/inserting glycerine…

And then I think to myself, I wonder how many parents could describe a horror scene like that?

My daycare work

I work in a private, subsidized daycare. I used to work in two different CPEs for 24 hours each. I was a pedagogical director there. In charge of staff and children. Sometimes doing the pay, sometimes planning outings and meetings. I loved my job, but it wasn’t a job I could just go home at the end of the day and call it a day. I often had to bring work home.. and consequently had to ignore my family or wait until they were in bed to get my work done. By which time I would be physically and mentally exhausted.

So when I got pregnant, I took the opportunity to quit my jobs and found another job working as my first career… an educator.

I am now an educator with 24 three-year olds. 8 of which are assigned to me, but my class contains 24 children.

I work all week from 8 to 5… it takes me one hour to come home at night in the traffic as I have three highways to take to reach my house. The daycare itself is not very far as it is approximately 16 km from my house.

The staff is very nice. Quite new to the daycare work field. My co-workers are awesome. I get to enjoy working beside two wonderful women. We have good laughs and we don’t get in each other’s way.

I work hard with the children. I do my best to make them as autonomous as they can and make them excel in everything they want to. I love to watch them grow. I can compare the children I have now to the children I had back in September, they are miles away in terms of development.

But I chose this job because there is no drama. I chose it because I get to go home at the end of the day and very rarely have work to do.. and if I do have work to do, it takes a few minutes and I can actually that type of work with my own three children around.

I mostly work here for the hassle free environment. I don’t argue with the system. I often wonder why many things are done, but I decide to go with the flow. I have a spot for my one-year-old in the daycare and will work here until she gets to school (Or transferred to a CPE)

But lately there has been drama. Not related to me.. but related to the government subsidies. And I really don’t feel like getting involved in the politics of a daycare. I really wanted to get away from all that by becoming an educator.

We are going on our second lock-out day next Wednesday. The bosses are pressuring us to go picket in the strike zone downtown so that they will get their equal share of the money from the government as that of CPEs.

I couldn’t give less of a crap than I do now. Seriously. As long as I can bring my kid to daycare, and work for the hours I am supposed to and get paid.. and go home, I am satisfied. This job is being worked by me because it is hassle free… bring in the hassle, I don’t know what I am doing here anymore.

So instead of working a normal day next Wednesday, I have to pack up my stuff, pack up my baby’s stuff, take a very long bus/metro ride downtown, where there will be way too many humans gathered, in order to strike against something for my bosses.

Is there a way to strike against strikes? Because I would. All I want is a hassle free job. Work, pay, sleep. At least until my daughter gets to school, where life changes very much.

Anyways, I gotta go back to work right now.. so have a great afternoon to you all. And hopefully I will not see any of you next wednesday.